The Sound Architecture uses sound as a design tool, searching for the best solution using sound attributes. Good architecture depends on how good its soundscape is. How sound behaves dictates how inhabitants feel. The noise, the stress, the nervousness,the good sleep, the good music, the loudness, how loud we speak, how we hear the words in return. It all compasses into one simple attribute, the oldest and most primitive of all: the sound.


Sound brings the best and the worst of the architecture. The spatial attributes of a space can be grabbed in one clap! Clap your hands and hear the sound travelling back and forth, spreading the waves all around you. Every sound reflection of the wall. The full echo of an archway. The depth, the length, the height and the roundness. Everything you need to know, all there is, in one clap. Sound makes us listen. Listening makes us present. Present and alive. Future Architecture is build of senses. Future Architecture belongs to the Sound.



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