Anyla Berisha was born in Dibër, Macedonia. She graduated for Architecture from UBT University in Prishtina with a thesis on “Music and Architecture: Philips Pavilion, Iannis Xenakis 1958”. She also studied music since she was 6, and played piano since then. Her research work deals with soundscapes and sonique attributes of spaces and buildings. Her most recent work includes a soundable Audioguide at the “Aufwind” Festival in Vienna, audio installation at “TAKE” Festival 2017, as well as the sound installation “Haptic Space” at the Ethnological Museum in Prishtina which is now part of the permanent exhibition. She is the winner of the Young Professional Award category for “Frozen Music” 2016 and the 4th winner of the “MARIANNE-GRAF Award for Community and Innovation 2016 “. She is also co-founder of the upcoming platform Sonique Perception based in Vienna.


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