TDW 2017: Design for an Inclusive Future


The aim of Tirana Design Week 2017, is to promote the concept of Inclusivity for a Better future through Design. Tirana Design Week 2017 - "Design for an Inclusive Future”, intends to investigate an alternative bottom-up approach for inclusive approach in Tirana. This approach attempts to show that designing for the few (for the weakest or the most difficult to satisfy) can be a strategy to succeed in design for all approach for a better city.


Design should be conceived as tool able to produce innovative and highly valuable solutions, establish value of design not measurable through monetary scale only but also the ability to improve quality of life quality mostly for the commonly less “commercially-interesting” individuals, which could contribute in creating a shared treasure for social improvement, new and innovative design opportunities aiming empathy, equitability for every society and city for all.


Inclusivity should not conceived only as a physical intervention and product but as thinking strategy that would provide an accessible and city for all design.


So some of the main questions that TDW2017 needs to answer are:

- What is Inclusive Design?

- Can Inclusivity be a design concept that could act as a pro-active tool to respond in contemporary social needs?

- How can Design be a tool to make a city for all and provoke changes in future contemporary society and enables inclusivity?


TDW is a biennial event that bring a series of happenings to the city, aiming at the exchange of knowledge between professionals at a national and international level, in order to increase the public’s interest in planning, architecture and design, as disciplines which are closely connected to the contemporary development of cities; as well as increase participation in decision-making and development processes.


The reasons for organizing Tirana Design Week 2017 are:

1) the exchange of experience between professionals at a national and international level so as to promote art design and architecture and raise the public’s interest in these and other fields directly related to the contemporary development of cities and daily life.

2)to raise the level of interaction between the professionals and regular citizens with the city and daily life which are greatly influenced by the now-ubiquitous role of design.

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