Born and raised in Tirana Albania, Greg Andoni studied and graduated at the University of Design in Florence, Italy, in Industrial Design with a specialization in product design at the “Design Campus UNIFI”. Most of his works and thesis concentrated on automotive design, focusing on new proposals for the FCA group regarding new applicable strategies and history of Italian car design. Apart from his main focus on automotive design, Andoni has worked on different fields of product design, automotive, interior design, landscape projects etc. Nowadays, he shares his working experiences between Italy and Albania. Some of his most well – know project stand between, Panzani Tuning&Design in Florence, Municipality of Calenzano in Florence, ISSH Albania (State Institute of Social Insurance), and MontAl (Montenegro – Albania, Osumi Canyons, National Torusit Route, campaign for revaluating new concept between Montenegro and Albania). Focusing mostly in research projects and the impact of Design and Architecture politics, Andoni conducts and supervises also freelance projects between Italy and Albania.

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