CITY PATCH // Magda Szwajcowska & Michał Majewski


City Patch is the idea of patching “holes” in the urban tissue of the city. Many places are problematic, forgotten, empty or covered by infinite investments. These areas are closed to residents, reduce the usable space of the city, while the city expands beyond its natural borders. The only reason why these spaces continue to stand unused is lack of money. That is why we want to propose projects that are cheap, easy-to-construct, expand and quick to implement.


We think about mainly temporary installations in all scales, with the possibility of converting to a permanent structure or quick disassembly. The projects will have an impact on the local scale, solving problems of the community.


We believe that temporary architecture in a dynamically developing society is one of the best solutions to meet their needs. It can be also kind of low-cost experiment that can inspire for longer lasting actions or in case of failure, it’s removement will not destroy space for decades.




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